Monitor the creation of rDAI pools and who joins them, without coding!

A step by step guide to monitor the creation of rDAI pools and who joins them, in just a few clicks:

Create a new "Watch a Transaction" trigger

Insert the rDAI contract address in the "goes TO" field to access the contract's functions

Select "createHat" from the dropdown menu. You can leave all the other fields blank

Now for the fun part! Let's integrate our Trigger with Slack by ticking the "Post to Slack" box (you can use also an email or a webhook)

You can fully customize the message, for instance adding information about the pool recipients, the relative proportions etc.

Name your Trigger and hit the Create button!

Now let's see if this works by creating a new pool on rDAI!

...and a few seconds later...

Bonus: track when somebody joins a certain hat

Now that we can track the creation of pools it would be also be interesting to see who joins them, don't you think? Super easy - the steps are the save as above, you only want to select the mintWithSelectedHat function instead:

You'll need to provide the hatID you want to track - for example, if you want to track the rDAI Dev Fund, its ID is 2.

That's it! Now you can keep track of anyone who joins a specific hat just by looking at the form field for every transaction matched by our trigger ^^

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