Using HAL with Slack
You can connect HAL with your Slack workspace and get real-time notifications when an alert rule matches a trigger 😎.
Using HAL you can post messages on Slack using either the official HAL Slack App, or by providing a custom web hook if you want to use your own Slack integration (take a look at Slack documentation here

How to connect Slack with HAL

Start to create a trigger, then select Slack as an action.
Using HAL, you can select the official HAL Slack app or you can provide a custom web hook. It's up to you 🤛.
Once you have successfully created a connection with Slack, you can try it out 👷
Hey 🙋don't forget that you can use the HAL template system to personalize your message. If in doubt, check the available variables here.
Last modified 3yr ago