Connect blockchains to your applications

What is HAL

HAL boosts blockchains' adoption enabling any developer or company to connect Ethereum with the centralized applications they currently rely on (APIs, Apps, CRMs, ERPs, emails, e-commerces).

You can create triggers→actions workflows connecting what happens on-chain to your application in 2 ways:

  • Using a web wizard (no coding required) from our website

  • Using our GraphQL API layer

About this documentation

Reading this documentation you will learn:

  • The basics of HAL's lexicon (triggers, actions, matches, outcomes)

  • How HAL works and which triggers and actions are currently supported

  • Real world use cases with the most popular Ethereum dapps

  • How to use our GraphQL API layer

Say hello to HAL

Our logo is a lighthouse because HAL is a centralized landmark trying to help sailors in decentralized oceans.

HAL's name is a tribute to its older brother (a bad-tempered guy) who left earth on a spaceship in 2001 and never came back:

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